Futurelearn Week 6

Introducing the topic – Entrepreneurs
1. Intro video (54 secs) – defintion, link to TV programmes and try to relate to ‘own country’
2. Discussion under video – people talking about entrepreneurs
3. Second discussion: “What do you think? To end this activity, I’d like you to share your thoughts on entrepreneurship. ” End what activity? Seems to be repeating first discussion.I contributed – have 16 minutes to edit. What would be good would be to be allowed to search discussions first, so if there was one on a topic I was writing about I could join that.
4. Sir Richard Branson – a short biography. Three questions asked, with discussion below asking people to think about what his answers would be.
5. Interview with Sir Richard Branson (video, 2:38). Actual Branson talking is around 1 min 30secs. Same questions are asked as in previous activity. Quite like this – standard TEFL activity, but it does work. Discussion under video, but with no instructions.
6. 10 question quiz. Fairly basic T/F- although you do need to pay attention to the video to answer them.
7. Language work – ‘ing’ forms + video (2:25). Explantion text under video plus a discussion.
Quite nice use of Branson’s video to get the language. Links to extra help websites (BC Learning English) at the bottom of page.
8. 10 questions quiz on ‘ing’ – all quite easy.
9. ‘Make’ and ‘do’  – video (1:01) and text. Discussion underneath. Again Branson’s video is cut into it. Nice snappy video.
10. 8 Questions on make and do. Again quite easy.
11. Revision of past language points:

In Week 1 we talked about passives.
In Week 2 we talked about relative pronouns and relative clauses.
In Week 3 we talked about modifying adjectives.
In Week 4 we talked about modifying comparative and superlative adjectives.
In Week 5 we talked about the use of ‘so’.

Then, some extracts from the Branson interview, with further examples, and a discussion.
12. “What do you think? Summary”: Review of what was covered this week, and then final discussion questions. Do you agree with Branson, and what advice can you give to people in your country?
13. Final round up
What did you think of the course?

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This is my first Furturelearn course, and I have to say I prefer it to the other MOOC providers (edX!). I think the British Council were given quite a difficult task, and by using existing videos they have done a pretty good job. I can see the problems they were facing – what level do you pitch it at? Do we make normal TEFL type videos? How do we make it interesting? I like the way they have been able to use the videos, and use the talking head to link the different parts together. I think overall it is a pretty good model to follow.