UQx WRITE: Parts of speech and word classes (Week 2)

Week 2 Playlist

I like how the videos are put in a playlist on YouTube for us.

David Crystal video is not added: http://youtu.be/sHILkUiXzrQ (as always, he is a good speaker)

Writing assessment 1 problems:

Dear Students, We apologise once again for the date change on the first blog post. Because some of you were not able to complete the first writing assignment by that date, we have requested edX to push back the due date to October 3. If you have submitted already, this will not affect you. If you have yet to submit, please submit by the October 3 UTC 11:30pm. (posted on edX forum by ‘MichaelBusfield’ who appears to be a student.

But my question, do the course administrators have control over this, or do they need to go through edX? If through eDX, I can understand the delay.

Coupled with the lack of clarity about what you actually needed to write for Assessment 1, I don’t think course has got off to a great start.

The quizzes can be quite challenging, although they are closely connected to the videos and materials. And grammar can be tricky, especially terminology.  I do agree, that you need to be able to explain what is wrong if you want to be able to correct your errors.