Furturelearn – BC course – Week 5

Futurelearn – Week 5

I like that the course is open before the actual opening date – i.e Week 5 opens officially on 29 September, but I can access before then. I agree it is not perfect, as you have students completing different parts of the course at different times, but it is an online course, so perhaps we should look at it differently from a conventional one.

Week 5 is about the environment and saving the planet. (From the title, I would be stifling a yawn. We’ve done this topic a thousand times).

Video 1 (1:13) with Nicole with a short introduction – Eden project. She gives an overview of the week – Problems and solutions?

Discussion (skipped)

Eight questions about ‘how green are you?’

Some of the questions are tricky – mineral water, or polystyrene cup? I choose the cup, and was right!

Discussion – the environment and me (participated)

The Eden Project Part 1 – pre-listening – some text with more difficult words.

Discussion here as well.

Eden Project Part 2 – video (3:41)

Task – 5 sentences to complete (The Eden project started …)

Discussion – with answers being given!

Very professional looking, and interesting video.

5 questions about the video

Video – use of ‘so’. Nicole interspersed with short clips.

‘So’ written on screen, but I think more is needed.

Again cutting from presenter is a little distracting.

‘So’ as a marker – to get the listener’s attention – use ‘so’ to make your English sound more natural.

A lot of text below video.

And another discussion (not participated)

Six questions about ‘so’

Environmental vocabulary – pollution, climate change etc

And another discussion (not participated)

7 questions m/c (a little boring)

It’s the discussions that make this course.

Revision – comparatives and superlatives

Final discussion – link to your own country.

Week 4 – they had a Google hangout (with lots of technical problems), now on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGX6eOBA3o4


I still think the course is good, and I’m sticking with it. The m/c questions can be a bit boring, and I think they could use the vocabulary a bit more. The videos are very well produced.

The discussions work quite well, and I said elsewhere that I think it is Furturelearn’s strong point. But, they still have the problem of organisation. I don’t have an answer, but at least we know that there is a problem!