HKUSTx: EBA101x English for Doing Business in Asia – Speaking

I missed the release of Week 1 materials. I did the pre-course questionnaire, but nothing else was open, and I’m not sure if I got an email telling me it was open. But, I got an email today reminding me to do the Week 1 Quiz. So, spent around 90 minutes going through the materials.

Week 1 promo video (2 min 53):

(We have seen that one before)

(1) Week 1: Elements of Introducing Yourself (9 min 48 secs):

This is fairly basic stuff. We see Delian and Sean doing an informal and formal greetings. It’s clear. Fairly straightforward business communication. But, very general stuff.  Some text appears on screen – perhaps more language is needed to reinforce content, although learners do have subtitles if they wish.

One sided introductions – in a business pitch or in a meeting.

I guess they are reading from an auto-cue. Fairly effective video.

Cut to an example – in a meeting with 5 participants. Some look a little uneasy – like Ricky from CILL has been drafted into to make up numbers!

Change of language formality mentioned. Some difficult vocabulary comes up.

Reading text covers some phrases from the video.

(2) Video: Welcoming Visitors (5 min 38)

Same format as above. About first impressions. Beyond verbal language! Five m/c questions about the video.
Sample ‘welcome’ provided – HK Chinese / North American?

Shawn swipes the ‘sample away’ – nice cut?

(3) Soundcloud video tutorial (8 min 37): (Celt MOOC) – I think it is done specially for this course. At the moment there are screen shots of the edX course. The problem with these type of videos is that soundcloud will change its procedures. Perhaps better to use something made by soundcloud?

(4) 1.3 Challenging English sounds (3 min 09 secs)

Only Sean? They only cover certain sounds – limiting themselves. Chinese speakers may have difficulties pronouncing the ‘v’ sound, while Spanish speaker’s saying the ‘z’ sound. Cannot cover all L1 interferences. Try to introduce some universal sounds. Majority speakers of people taking the course – Chinese, Spanish and French?

(5) 1.3.1 Challenging English Sounds ɪ and i
Someone else doing the model sounds. Saying how to say the sound. Diagram of the tongue.

(I think Sean reaching up and down to get the new video distracting)

(6) Challenging English Sounds æ and e (2 min 48)

(7) Challenging English Sounds ð and θ (3 min 27)

(8) Pronunciation test – pairs of sounds. Some are quite challenging. There is also a time limit, and you can only hear once, although after 10 questions you can do it again.
Listen and type the word – same sounds as before.

(9) 1.4 vocabulary activities
Word list (product, supplier etc.)
Gap fill (I entered supplier, the answer was retailer – “The company is a leading _____ of equipment for customers who play football”. (Yes, the answer would be retailer).
Wrong again! Company XYZ is Apple’s authorized (not supplier) distributor for the South-East Asian region.
Fill in the gap with a synonym
Association map (drag and drop) (business action – answer is ‘merge’ – I was not sure at the time why that was the answer given the context of the other choices, but I chose it because it was a verb and an action in business)
Common phrase or not? Collocation – improve performance (sorting activity) ‘local performance’?
Related or not? Collocation – manager and director (sorting activity)

(10) Quiz 1  27/30 (I got these three questions wrong)
7. Which of the following words are similar in meaning to performance?
(Multiple answers possible.) direction, act, work, conduct ( I think I chose ‘work’ and ‘conduct’)
9. Which of the following words often appear before the word strategy?
(Multiple answers possible.) medical, business, marketing, development (I think I chose ‘marketing’ and ‘development’ – also ‘business’?)
19. The purpose of the kind of small talk exchanged when you are introduced to someone in a formal business setting is to _________.
(Multiple answers possible.) Get to know each other better, find out if the person you are talking to would be a useful future contact, share more specifics about your duties and responsibilities, network ( I chose ‘network’ and ‘duties and responsibilities’)


Quite a lot to cover in the first week.

Videos are well produced, and the activities link to the videos well.

A lot of video content produced.

Not much in the way of ‘discussions’, although maybe I have missed that.

All the videos can be found here.