Mobile learning, blended learning, IndiWork, blogs, wikis, forums and Softchalk

All in 90 minutes!

1. Start with mobile learning, and the way they are becoming ubiquitous.

Here’s one of my posts from 2010:

It mentions vocaroo, audioboo, podbean, wikispaces, voxopox and voicethread. All still working and around.

After using the voice technologies, talk about the mobile phone video taking technologies? Face blurring on YouTube, and private posts.

Then the way mobile phones are being used to quiz students in class – student response tools – socrative.

And the phone as a camera.

2. Blended learning

Probably be honest and say that there are institutional pressures to have ‘blended learning’ although what does it mean? The course and a half syndrome could come up.

IndiWork is part of the blended learning ‘movement’. The 1013 forum post this summer might be a good thing to show.

That would lead us into elearn, the forums; I can show how wikis are used, plus something about blogs.

And finally Softchalk.

A lot to show and tell. will they be interested?