TEDx Hong Kong ED

Saturday 31 May, 2014, Sunbeam Theatre, North Point


Provided with complementary tickets from SCAD which was lucky as the event sold out. That said, I think that there were quite a few complementary tickets with no-shows.

Sunbeam theatre is a good place to hold an event like this. Good acoustics and visibility.

The day was divided into 4 sessions, each with 4 speakers, so 16 speakers in all. This is good, as even if there are a few duds, there are hopefully a few highlights. The event started a few minutes late, and then some speakers went on too long, so for most of the day they were behind schedule. I’d be in favour of a clock, and once the speaker’s 12 minutes (or however long they have) is up, their mic is cut off.

The speakers:

Hoffman and Wu: I did arrive late for this one, but could not work out what it was about.

Ryan Lee: The highlight of the day. 15 year old kid who put the other speakers, and the audience, to shame (but did his mum and dad proud). He was name checked throughout the day – basically all about self learning and intrinsic motivation, and how he is a great example of this.

Steve Brown: About technology being used to track health care; could a similar system is used in education. “Learning is the process”

Daniel Makoski: Users must inform our design. We need this for our elearn / BB sites.

Underload: dance groups from HKUST

Karin Ann: “Founder and Principal of the International Montessori School (“IMS”) in Hong Kong” – one size does not fit all.

Joshua Steimle: Home schooling – but apparently not for university?

Judy Tsui: Yes the one who used to work at PolyU! Don’t be afraid to fail!

Marty Schmidt and Mike Kersten: Social conscience developed by social learning at one of the international schools in HK.

George Skoumas Papanikolaou: Life is like Kung Fu – again you need to experience failure.

Cesar Harada: About boats – need to fail to succeed.

David Hansen: Robots and AI

Mark Sagar: AI / simulation – I was finding all this a bit difficult at this point.

Kim Andersen: ‘we don’t do problems, we do solutions’ – this was a pretty inspiring talk.

Maurizio Rossi: “we used to adapt to technology; in future technology will adapt to us”; but outside on the way home, I heard some school kids talk about this talk – “I still don’t know what a H-farm is!” – actually H is for Human, but I could see the kid’s point!

Edwin Keh: from HKRITA! Actually this was quite an impressive talk, but he was cut short due to the the event already being over time.

Lizette Smook: up-cycling and the blue economy. Again an interesting talk that was cut short.

So, in all, around 9 out of 16 were were listening to. Over 50% success rate, plus a good dance group in the middle. Some recurring themes about self learning and the need to fail if you are going to succeed.

Nest one in October / November. Worth attending.

A newish video giving an overview.