Karen Wilkins and Joanna Norton

1. Joanna Norton

Time for education to reclaim the technology debate.

A ‘Getting to know each other activity’ – show your partner a screen of your phone. What can you guess about the personality of your partner?

Technology through the ages:

1913 – Edison – ‘books will be obsolete’ – ‘scholars will soon be instructed through the eye’

2% efficiency through school books; education though the motion picture (1920s)

Radio – the future (1932?)

Computers will blow up the school (Papert, 1984)

Mobile learning – a reflection of the world today!

A time to think? Slow down from technology?

Mobile applications for kids who don’t like education. Bottom up approach?

2. Karen Wilkins

Are new technologies affecting the student-teacher relationship?

Technology and education – nothing new.

Reference made to this book: Teaching Online (2010) by Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield

Computer – mathematically based

Internet – our connected world

George Siemens on MOOCs – opening education up?

Prof Mary Beard on MOOCs – looses the relationship between student and teacher

MOOC – refresher course – or a course to do before you go to university.

Need social elements in order to learn

Rules for classroom; new rules for online classroom

Relationship –  student felt relationship would be more indirect – through email or LMS

Lectures on YouTube = jobs will be lost

Online tutor: Skype relationship is just as real and close as those he has in his home

Knowledge is at our fingertips – active learning – the student can be the teacher; levelling of the relationship

Anti technology teacher – creates a barrier, and they are paying for F2F teaching

Media lecturer – stop clicking the mouse and pay attention! Classroom rules!

Online learning / teaching – causes anxiety – and loneliness

Technology makes you look professional

24 hour learning (and teaching)  – technology creates work (extra work)

How good a teacher judged by how few Christmas cards you get – a teacher should be feared / distant

Online teaching is the future?

Student of an online course – it’s easy to forget – to become detached; downsides to online learning.

Cyber bullying – hard for some people to understand – generation gap

Tutoring in the dark – online teaching – are students really learning?

The written word cannot be erased. It’s permanent. Spoken word is easier – pick up the phone rather than write an email

ipads – for portable, mobile and interactive learning

ipad is just a tool to do what a teacher has always done

SMART boards in the cupboards, never to be used.

Slides (PPT) get in the way of learning and rapport.

New does not mean better – the young are being seduced by new technology

Importance of physical and social presence; human interaction – how can you get that from online?

Editors – skype helps to create a stronger relationship with her writers

Give students responsibility – create a FB page – compared to the college’s LMS, which students would ignore.


Digital detox!

Time space boundaries are changed due to technology – good and bad?

‘Feeling’ online  – even if you are fed up, that is easy to fake online, compared to F2F.

Older generation – technology means you are not divided from students (which might happen in the F2F classroom)?

Embrace technology, as it is all around us

No substitute for F2F teaching

Can you measure the impact of online learning? If it is only computer assessed testing – summative rather than formative.

“A computer cannot even have a conversation” – well not yet.

Communication – includes body language – but how is that taught online?

Survey at end of seminar is here:

Teaching vs. Technology | K. Wilkins & J. Norton