News stories: Binge drinking & Occupy Central

Years ago I had the freedom to do courses such as ELEP News (now sadly no more). Happy days! Yes it was extra work, but I had freedom to cover anything that took my fancy, motivated students, and no pressure from assessments led it to being my favourite course every semester. Here’s the course site before it went to elearn: . In later versions of the course we got into creating video animations of news stories – for example here.

I still read the news, but while in the past I always had “Is this an ELEP News Story?” at the back of my mind, that rarely happens now. But today I saw these stories:

RTHK News: Warning on risks of drinking alcohol

Health authorities said on Thursday that they are concerned at a rise in the number of university students who drink.

A consultant from the Centre for Health Protection, Dr Regina Ching, said local students may be picking up the habit from foreign exchange students.

That’s something that would hopefully spark their interest!

And this one:

SCMP: Occupy Central a no-go area in class, Eddie Ng warns (consider opening in a ‘private window’ to get around sign in restrictions)

Eddie Ng is the Education Secretary. He is warning

schools not to encourage their pupils to take part in Occupy Central – which he deems “unlawful” – in a reversal of the stance he declared last year.

He warned teachers they might be putting their jobs on the line. “Teachers should obey the law. If they are convicted because of participation in unlawful events, they must face … consequences for their careers.”

Well, when is Occupy Central again?