Student powtoons

This was originally posted on the BOT journal as a reflection on April, 10, 2014. See this post about BOT Reflections, and the first post in the series.

I have added the powtoons into a playlist as they are created. So, rather than linking to them individually I can show them all together (but I don’t seem to be able to embed a playlist into BB because I had a student account; I just need to post the link on WordPress for the playlist to show up). The playlist linked to below is actually the product of two classes (around 25 students). Feedback from the first class was positive, so I decided to ask the second class to try it as well.  I have a third class which I can use as a ‘test’ and see if there is any difference in performance in final performance in the assessment (although in some ways I feel that I should get the third class to try it as well, so that it is fair to all students).

Overall I am pleased with what students have achieved. Initial feedback from students was positive. They enjoyed making the powtoons and worked well together. There are some grammar errors, but these are students with only an average English ability, and generally the message is clear.

Next stage is to get more detailed feedback from students about the activity (when I see them next week), and also get students to view and comment on each other’s powtoons. I’ll try to start that out of class, but it will probably also continue in class.