Implementing e-tivity – initial problems

This was originally posted on the BOT journal as a reflection on April, 8, 2014. See this post about BOT Reflections, and the first post in the series.

Week 12: I am getting students to create their ‘powtoon’ this week.

There have been a couple of initial teething problems which I did not find out until students got back to me with problems.

1. Old IE browsers caused a problem. I got around this by telling students to use Chrome and this seem to work OK. I think if the IE browser was updated it would also work, but it seems that many computers till have old IE installed.

2. Powtoon allows you to log in using Facebook, Google or even linkedin. Most students have Facebook or Google, so this is useful as it mean they don’t forget usernames. However, students can only export to YouTube (using their google id), so if they have logged in using Facebook, they need to log in again using Google. *

3. Posting on YouTube means much faster playback than if the powtoon is played back on the powtoon sever. But, if the student has not created a YouTube ‘channel’ before, they need to do so before they can post on YouTube. This is actually easy to do – just click a button.

* I think there are probably some issues about using social networking sites to log into these tools. Often, what you create on these sites can also suddenly appear on your Facebook wall (I don’t think this happens with Powtoon), so it is something you need to be conscious about. I guess it could be combined with ‘digital literacy’ – something we covered in Module 1?

Overall, seems to be going OK. Hopefully there will be some powtoons to share soon.