Average scores for Delivery

This was originally posted on the BOT journal as a reflection on April, 24, 2014. See this post about BOT Reflections, and the first post in the series.

Assessment 3 is conducted in Week 14. The overall grade for the assessment is calculated from the following components:

Content (15%)
Delivery (35%)
Language (20%)
Pronunciation and fluency (30%)

I have calculated the average scores for the ‘Delivery’ component of students who have done Assessment 3. In theory, those students who have done the powtoon activity should perform slightly better than those who have not (although there are many other factors that can affect this). So far, I have results from two groups (Class A and B), both of which did the powtoon activity. Class C (on Friday) did not do the powtoon activity.

Students are given a grade from A+ to F for the Delivery component. F = 0 points, while A+ = 4.5 points.

Class A: 14 students, average grade for Delivery 2.64 (overall average grade for Assessment is 2.61) (provisional)
Class B: 11 students, average grade for Delivery 2.82 (overall average grade for Assessment is 2.68) (provisional)

Class C: 20 students, average grade for Delivery 2.40 (overall average grade for Assessment is 2.55) (provisional)

So far the scores are as expected. These are weaker students in terms of language ability, so their scores for the Language and Pronunciation & Fluency components are often low.

Class C, which did not do the e-tivity, did not perform as well in Delivery as the other two classes. I think this is partly due to the e-tivity, but other factors including class size (so amount of individual feedback I can give), the factor that this class had a holiday in Week 13 so had a little less input, as well as general English ability also play important factors. Average grade for Delivery was below the Average Assessment Grade for Class C, which is the opposite for Classes A and B.