The Education Revolution (1)

Learning with Videos and Video Games

See The BBC (22 April, 2014)

Sarah Montague asks what the classroom of the future will look like.

In the first programme, she travels to Silicon Valley, home of the Khan Academy.

The Khan Academy is an online teaching service whose mission is to provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. In Bill Gates’ view, it’s “a radical rethinking of what it means to go to school”. With 10 million users every month logging onto their online videos, Salman Khan – the Academy’s founder – is arguably the most important teacher in the world.

Sarah visits schools that are using technology in revolutionary new ways. And she talks to Nolan Bushnell, the “father of modern video gaming”. His latest venture is a company called BrainRush. Bushnell believes children can learn almost anything through video games.

We meet Rupert Murdoch’s head of education, Joel Klein. His company has developed a tablet that they’re rolling out to schools across America.

We ask is this the future of education? Have traditional teaching methods outlived their usefulness? And how do children learn best?

Lessons for us?

  • More technology means fewer teachers? Rocketship? Optimised the model!
  • How much money has Salman Khan had from Bill Gates and Google?
  • Is the traditional model what we need now?
  • More personalised? Customisation? Mass Customisation?
  • What about MOOCs? Mass Customisation and Massive Open Online Course? because at the moment, besides the massive, MOOCs look pretty traditional.
  • Freerice does customisation – adaptive learning – vocabulary gets harder or easier depending on the student’s level. Can that be linked to the MOOC?
  • Gaming – make education addictive as video games? Gaming technology makes learning 10 times faster?
  • Brainrush – also adaptive.
  • Re-thinking the school day – flipping the classroom.
  • Waldorf School – tech free schools that the tech parents are sending their kids to?
  • Full kids with information, or fostering creating?
  • Same arguments being used by both sides!