Stress management for teachers

If you are feeling stressed, this webinar by Marie Delaney – an educational psychologist – might be of interest. Took place in Februay 2014.

It gives some good advice, and is targeted at teachers.

This links well with the PolyU PUSA survey on work life balance (results available here) which was pretty damning of the PolyU management.

There are other talks available online from IATEFL’s Young Learners and Teenagers SIG 2014 here:

Some sound bites from the webinar (not verbatim):

  • If you don’t find time for recreation, you will find time for illness
  • Teachers get sick during the holidays
  • Your reaction has an effect on the students
  • Pressure increases, and there is a comfort zone, then stretch (can be a peak, a challenge), strain (performance drops), and then overwhelmed (performance crashes)
  • Does technology cause stress? For many teachers yes
  • Things which are out of out control, but we still stress about them
  • Perception of an imbalance between demands placed on you and your ability to cope –  that causes stress
  • Fight or flight response  – physical reaction to stress

Must remember to make notes the first time I watch a webinar!