Videos: Dos and Don’ts and some thoughts

I attended two recent EDC sessions on videos  – PowerPoints can be downloaded here.

Quite a nice room – high in R Core. Great sandwiches and good coffee. And thought provoking.

What can we learn from others?

Khan Academy “Basic addition”- most viewed video (over 2 million). On a black background; writing ( pretty ugly) as the person speaks (that’s good). Very clear voice, and good intonation. Speaking to the person. Conversational style. It’s not emotionless. It is short (7 minutes)

A bad example?

“Lecture – 1 Introduction to Basic Electronics”. Long (56 minutes). Uncomfortable presenter, who is reading from a slide. It has got a lot of views though (over a million).

Use TED Ed?

I created a few activities a year or so ago. I remember it was ok, but functionality needed work. Coming back a year later, it seems much better. Here is one activity.

Some tools:

Microsoft expressions – for video editing?

Smoothdraw – a bit like Paint?

edge EdX – not quite sure what can do?

Other points to remember:

Two stream capture – for example your webcam and the computer screen

MOOC – everything is built around a video

Modular courses – stand alone videos

Male and female voices – not just have one voice.

Have some emotion in the video.