Reflective journals on Blackboard (or other LMS, or other eportfolios)

(Also posted as Refection 1 in Module 3 of the BOT course: post date 16 March, 2014)

The PolyU EDC BOT course encourages the participants to post reflections in their journal. I think it is a great idea.

But, there are three modules in the BOT course, and each module has a different site. That means three different reflective journals. If one of the ideas of reflective journals is that you can go back to look at old entries to see how you have changed, BB is making this difficult.

If it is bad for us, it is even worse for students. PolyU students have nine hours of credit bearing English (6 credits of LCR and 3 credits of DSR) spread over their 4 years. They might also do some non-credit bearing English courses (currently known as Excel@English), as well as CAR subjects (English Write and Read). All of these might have reflective components, and all would be on different sites. Then they have all the other subjects with reflective components as well. if you were a student, would you take it seriously?


One site for students to reflect which is for all subjects and lasts for the whole of the students’ university life. It is not connected to a particular subject (i.e. there is no ELC reflective journal or SN reflective journal), but it is connected to all subjects through BB site of each course the student takes.

Technically is it possible?