BOT Reflection 5 (Module 1)

Group work (originally published Wednesday, January 29, 2014) (see opening post)

As teachers we always want students to do group work, in class and out of class. I understand the pedagogical advantages of group work, but…!

The group work that we have to do in this course highlights the problems our students have when we set group work. I had time on Monday and Tuesday to do things – I started a discussion, sent an email to the group members and made a title for the wiki. However, my group members are too busy to do anything yet. And I’m going to be out of Hong Kong from Thursday night.

So, using technology to help group work is ok, but we need to be flexible with the differing needs of students – set longer deadlines; allow some F2F time; let students choose their own partners?

We have already had an extension for this part of the course which is good, and I can understand why you want to mix up students for this group work – having 4 people from the ELC in one group would not be a good idea. Arranging F2F time would also be hard. But, this is something we can think about in our own subjects.