BOT Reflection 3 (Module 1)

Discussion forums (Originally published: Thursday, January 16, 2014) (see opening post)

Discussion forums: What are the pitfalls?

If you leave a discussion for a few days, it can suddenly have lots of posts and you have lots of catching up to do. And, there might be a feeling that you have missed the boat, as the discussion has passed you by. You can still contribute to the discussion, but you might not get a reply as you are posting to late in the day.

As a teacher, how can we lessen this problem for our students?

On another LMS I use a email digest so that I get a digest of all the posts delivered to my email every day. Unfortunately it does not work yet on BB. We can encourage students to visit every day, but we need to be conscious that they live busy lives.

Maybe we can integrate the discussion into more of the course, giving participation a grade, and encouraging weaving and summarising by perhaps delegating?

Feedback recieved

Discussion on weaving and summarising skills. Two articles below for more food for thought and/or provides more evidence to your experience.