BOT Reflection 3 (Module 2)

Peer review with students (originally posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014) (see opening post for Module 2)

Peer review with students is not something I have done much yet. I can understand the reasoning behind it, and I enjoyed doing it in part 2 of this course.

Reason I don’t do much peer review in my courses:

  • students expectation of the teacher to give feedback
  • for language errors, quite often peer marking can make it worse!
  • it can take a lot of time – students need to be ‘trained’, and then the ‘reviews’ need to be checked
  • there are large number of students and teachers in the course – so it is difficult to maintain parity if peer review is part of the final grade

That said I do use peer review for specific aspects that are easier to check. For example:

  • Is the reference list in the correct order
  • Are in-text citations correct
  • Is there a main point to each paragraph

I would like peer review to be a bigger part of the courses I teach, but I’m not sure how to get around the parity issue if we make peer review an assessment.