BOT reflection 1 (Module 1)

Week 1 Lessons (originally published Tuesday, January 7, 2014) (see opening post)

1. We were told to go to BB on Monday and do the activities. However, when I logged in, I found the course still closed.

Lesson: Either tell students what time the course is available (you can post from 09:00 on Monday), or make sure it is open from 00:01 on Monday.  It’s online, not a traditional classroom, so students can enter (and leave) when they want.

2. The ‘predicted timing’ is quite a nice feature.

3. BB is not very user friendly. Can I subscribe to posts? Get them delivered to my email?

Yes you can subscribe – but the Course Designer has to turn it on.

But then I appears that I get one email every time someone posts… Is there an email digest?

Yes there is a digest  – but you need to search for it.

4. Editing rights

When I post on the discussion I cannot edit my post.
I can edit after posting on the ‘journal’.

Feedback received

Rationale for not allowing edits on forum posts – it seems that BB does not allow a limited window for editing. I can understand that we would not want an unlimited editing window, but a pity that 30 minutes cannot be allowed to correct typos.