Being an Online Teacher (BOT) course

I’ve decided to post the “reflective journal posts” that I made on in the BOT course run by EDC at PolyU on this blog.  The BOT course started in January 2014 (module 1) and then continued through Module 2 and 3 as semester 2 of the 2013-14 academic year progressed. A lot of what is covered in the BOT courses I have done before in other online teaching / learning courses, although there is always something new to learn / new perspectives to see, and I am also learning lots about Blackboard in the process. Each BOT course requires a separate site, so that mean journal and blog entries do not carry over from one course to another. This is a major failing of BB (and there is the same problem with our current Moodle set up). How do we expect learners to be reflective learners if their reflective learner is closed down every semester (in the case of the BOT courses every 4 weeks or so – I know they are still accessible, but..).

Anyway, I’ve decided to copy and paste the reflections here in a series of blog posts.

BOT reflection 1 (Module 1)

BOT reflection 2 (Module 1)

BOT reflection 3 (Module 1)

BOT reflection 4 (Module 1)

BOT reflection 5 (Module 1)